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Glastonbury: Our Dream Summer Winner!

04 July 2005

In May, we phoned Kirsty Hunt to tell her she'd won our Dream Summer competition - a tour of 5 of the UK's biggest festivals, as a VIP guest of Virtual Festivals. Let's see how she was getting on, at Glasto!

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VF: Rewind for a second... tell us about your experiences in trying to buy Glastonbury tickets before you won the competition...
Kirsty: I was supposed to get up early on the Sunday they went on-sale, to go into work and use the internet, but I got drunk the night before and was woken at 11am by a phone call from my mate to say that all the tickets had already gone (I felt like a right muppet!).  So I entered the competition on the remote chance that I might win… and god damn I did! I screamed my office down when I found out!!

Back to the present - what were your feelings on Friday morning when the weather changed for the worse?
I’m in one tent, my wellies and cagoule are in another tent, it’s absolutely pissing it down outside and I’m desperate for wee…. what do I do????

What was your musical highlight of the weekend and why?
Basement Jaxx – they had loads of energy and gave the perfect ending to Glasters.  Also Fatboy Slim when he played 'Praise You' - the crowd went crazy…and we were all wearing these little glasses which meant you could see smiley faces when you looked at the lights!

What was your musical low point of the weekend and why?
Primal Scream - I thought they would play lots of their classics and really whip up the crowd with tunes like 'Rocks', but the lead singer was off his head and obviously didn't want to play any of the songs the crowd wanted to hear.

What was your non-musical highlight of the weekend and why?
Watching a bunch of hippies having a sing song in the green fields, then lying on the floor and praying to a spirit, god or mother earth or something……

What was your non-musical low point of the weekend and why?
Being stuck in a tent during an electrical thunderstorm desperate for a wee, but knowing that my wellies and cagoule are in another tent.

What was the funniest thing you saw all weekend?
Being stopped in my tracks on the way to the acoustic tent by two lollipop ladies, so that their gaggle of mates could “cross the road”.  Closely followed by seeing a man floating on a lilo around the submerged tents.

Was it any different camping backstage?
Yeah, it was full of media types all thinking that they’re something special, but too afraid to step out into the real Glastonbury… on the plus side, it meant we were really close to the main stages.

Did you see any celebrities or musos hanging around?
We met Tom from Keane and saw Kate Moss, Sara Cox and Mike Skinner.

Why did you take your pal Jess as opposed to all the other people who you could have taken?
Because she is like a greek goddess with magical fairy powers.

What was the best drink you had all weekend?
The special berry juice from South America which apparently had euphoric properties…

Was there any love interest at the festival?
Would you when you’re covered in mud and not had a shower for days?  (Not that there weren’t offers of course!!)

With Homelands and Isle of Wight already under her belt, the next stop on Kirsty's Dream Summer is V Festival (August 20-21).

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