Afisha Picnic Music Festival

    The Afisha Picnic is a one-day outdoor festival held in Moscow, Russia every summer. It takes place on the territory of Kolomenskoye, a former tsar’s estate.

    Since its inception in 2004, the Afisha Picnic has followed the concept of a vibrant mix of a professional music festival, with performances of internationally acclaimed artists and vivid representatives of the local independent music scene. It is a dynamic urban event offering all sorts of entertainment, including a designers’ market and gastronomic area, games, movies, lectures and, on one occasion, even a dance floor on the rollerdrome.

    The audience of 50 000 visitors can spread out over 1000 acres of land, which makes the Afisha Picnic the largest outdoor festival in Moscow. It also provides the unique atmosphere of residing in a relaxed megalopolis.

    Music is the key element of the festival. The number of stages varies each year: there are always three main stages that host live acts and, depending on which up-to-date trends in music and contemporary culture are in the spotlight, a number of additional stages. The Main Stage features big international and Russian acts.