Aerosolics Festival

    The Aerosolics Festival is the UK’s first worldwide aerosol art showcase. It will play host to some of the biggest names in music whilst showcasing the first UK heat of the global aerosol art competition.

    The three-day camping festival will feature five live music arenas with another eight activity zones where guests will be invited to get creative and, well, spray and scratch things! There will be loads of workshops throughout the weekend teaching graffiti, beatbox, scratching, MCing, breakin’ and more.

    A selection of trains, planes, cars and tanks will be strategically scattered as huge blank canvases and a massive wall will be in place for an organised collective art project, as well as various creative competitions taking place over the weekend.

    The action will even extend to the cafes and bars where live bands and DJs will play, as well as a cutting edge cinema programme throughout the weekend. Sounds like good clean, messy fun!