V2001 Chelmsford Review – Saturday

[R-Zone1]Having not heard of Jimmy Barnes, I ventured in to catch a bit of Nelly Furtado, whose ‘hits’ include ‘I’m Like A Bird’ and that really good one that includes the line ‘You’re beautiful/That’s for sure.’ Oh, it’s the same song, is it? Trundling past the over-played pleas of true, ghetto-stylee hip-hop sincerity from Spooks, made Nelly’s well choreographed little show surprisingly good fun, though the lingering suspicion by many that she wasn’t actually Kylie did taint it a bit. A shame, because she seemed to be making the effort.

[L-Zone2]Embrace made a bit of effort too. C’mon, they turned up, didn’t they? It’s just a shame Richard McNamara (guitarist/songwriter) puts up with the half-arsed dog-eared row that his brother pelts out to the poor fucks clearly standing around to endure Texas later on. Their set gives us time to fully appreciate the shiteness of the backstage area.

All you stupid, stupid people who think it’s something special to get backstage are sorely mistaken. All that’s there is slightly cleaner toilets and the likes of Neil Hannon lingering around trying to look famous, and Brian Molko allegedly pestering small boys.

Where’s the bbq and free sangria they had at Homelands?

,[R-Zone1]Still, back to Embrace, it’s hard to play down how much tracks like ‘All You Good, Good People’ and ‘You’re Not Alone’ instill a lovely warm glow into the coldest of hearts. And ‘Come Back To What You Know’ is still a toon.

[L-Zone2]Coldplay too, have lots of good choons, and we would have been able to hear a lot more had Chris ‘I’m gonna run around like Matt Bellamy does’ Martin shut his warbling up for more than ten seconds. It was pissing down quite heavily by the time they played ‘Everything’s Not Lost’ and by the excellent sound of the new stuff, it’s quite likely they’ll be resurrecting the excellent ‘Don’t Panic’ and co same time next year.

[R-Zone3]Speaking of resurrections, The Charlatans seem to be making great use of their latest life, and were the catch of the day. ‘The Only One I Know’ broke in a bowl full of fat cherries which included ‘Weirdo’, ‘Impossible’, ‘Just Looking’ and the stunning opener to their new LP ‘You’re So Pretty, We’re So Pretty’. The album’s called Wonderland, and The Charlies play a small gig at London gay club Heaven, where Rob Collins is rumoured to be joining back up with the band.

With Kylie’s management being just as big bastards as they were when she played in London, nobody, save for one agency photographer was allowed in to photo her, so anyone with any sense went to the bar and those who wanted to stand in the rain and watch the most pretentious, overblown and immensely stunning rock-show of the weekend ventured from the main stage to catch Muse.
[L-Zone4]As familiar as their set now is, the dynamism and pure psychopathic energy pouring from this headfuck of a three-piece really should show the likes of Foo Fighters just how trivial and non-vital they’ve become. Fiery haired Buckley-munchkin Bellamy, says little except ‘this is our last song’ before ‘Bliss’ brings the house down, but         naturally enough that says more than anything else.