T In The Park 2008: The A-Z of T

Here's your chance to learn the alphabet backwards with the ultimate A-Z of this year's T In The Park...

A is for Atmosphere
The atmosphere at T In The Park is always worth the cost of a ticket, and this year's was no different. Spells of beautiful sunshine ensured that fans were in great spirits.

B is for Biffy Clyro
Ayrshire's finest set a new record for T appearances this weekend, their 8th sun-soaked performance chock-full of cuts from last album 'Puzzle' and new single 'Mountains'.

C is for Campsite
With campsite noise levels rivalling those of the Main Stage, the constant barrage of chants, whistles and megaphones in the campsite made for a few tired fans come Sunday night.

D is for Drink
Not so much a music festival that happens to have bars, more a three-day drinking session that happens to have brilliant music – T In The Park is synonymous with our old friend alcohol.

E is for Eat
Those who forget this basic festival need can be seen throwing up into a smelly wheelie bin at 11 in the morning. Not cool.

F is for Fancy Dress Friday
Fred Flintstone, Stewie Griffin, Borat and The Smurfs all made an appearance on the first day as punters tried to blag themselves the competition prize of 2009 weekend tickets.

G is for Green
T In The Park is widely acknowledged as being the world's largest 'CarbonNeutral' festival and the only one of its kind in Europe.

H is for Healthy T
A new area where hungry punters can try everything from sushi to wild boar and buffalo burgers to fish soup. Better than a greasy kebab any day.

I is for "I can't believe she showed up!"
When she's not lamping fans and hosting strange videos of her baby mice friends on Youtube, Amy Winehouse does actually sing. Her appearance at the festival was a surprise, despite her billing, and she wowed fans with a series of her hits.

J is for Jobby
Never a pretty sight; this year's portaloos were no different. Admiring other people's work while you're trying to pee does not a festival highlight make.

K is for Kinross
The festival's stunning setting is beautiful, rolling hills soaked in sunshine the background to another great weekend of music.

L is for Love
The lucky may have found it at T, while the rest of us settled for the "Free hugs!" offered to us by strangers.

M is for Motorbikes
Over at the new Relentless stage, metalheads and rock fans took in BMXers, skateboarders and stunning motorbike tricks as nutters threw their vehicles over a series of incredible ramps.

N is for Noobs
While some took in their 15th T In The Park this year, others made their first visit to the site to enjoy what many would describe as the best festival yet.

O is for "Oh My God I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home!"
The ultimate festival band, Kaiser Chiefs threw a wild party on Saturday as fans lapped up their sing-a-long anthems.

P is for P-Mate
Ladies, ever wanted to hold a paper cock in your hand? Well now you can, with 4 P-Mates costing a mere £5. The most expensive pish you'll ever do?

Q is for the Bar
With only 36 hours between its brewing and arrival at Balado, the freshest Tennent's pint causes a huge wait for drink as Scots once again put away record numbers of the stuff.

R is for Rage Against The Machine
What better way to make your long-awaited UK return than to get 80,000 Scots bouncing their Tennent's right out the plastic cup? The stunning political heavyweights played a powerful set of massive rock n roll that makes us wonder why they ever split.

S is for Sneaking Drink In
Various methods have been perfected over the years. These include but are not limited to:
1) The "Mysterious Bulge" – a selection of cans tucked inside socks/hoods/pants.
2) The "Secret Compartment" – with style that James Bond would be
proud of, booze is stashed in the unseen part of a backpack.
3) The "Can? What Can?" – this method depends entirely on how stupid or unobservant the security guard you walk past is, and involves strolling in with all the airs of a person who isn't holding a can in their hand. Mastering this technique earns great respect from fellow smugglers.

T is for Toilet Paper
Never forget it.

U is for Unsigned
Bands including Biffy Clyro, Travis and Paolo Nutini have made their first T appearance on the tiny unsigned T Break stage. Paisley boy Nutini made a surprise appearance as Snake Derrick and the Vipers at this year's event, playing his greatest hits to a huge, ever-increasing crowd.

V is for The Verve
'Rolling People', 'Sonnet', 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' – amazing. Then there was the 'The Drug's Don't Work' – it will surely go down as one of the best T sing-a-longs of all time.

W is for Wellies
"If it wisnae for yer wellies, where would ye be?" as a great Scot once asked. Losing your best pair of trainers to the mud isn't nearly as funny as your mates made out.

X is for Xylophone
Kate Nash's band made good use of one. And to think we were worried that there wouldn't be anything for X – God bless Xylophones!

Y is for Yurts
The privileged paid a mere £2000 for special wooden tents known as Yurts. What's wrong with a 2-man Tesco tent for a tenner?
Z is for Zzzzzzz's
Music fans opted for fewer Z's and more T's – Tennent's, that is – at Balado this year, toasting the weekend with cans in hand.