Download 2006 – MySpace/ Gibson Stage, Friday

The Friday Gibson stage lives up to its namesake with an electrifying selection of varied, straight up dirty Rock N Roll bands.

[l-zone1]Californian 80’s inspired rockers Bullets and Octane are Bad Religion meets Motley Crue.  An adrenaline fuelled set, topped off with the power pop of ‘Pirates’ sparks a mass sing-a-long, an occurance which is relatively unheard of amongst upcoming bands. Frontman Gene Louis laps up the attention, playing the small tent like a stadium with too-many-Marlboros vocals.

More surprises follow with Engerica, who deliver a unique brand of layered metal, heavier and more intense than on record. They display an impressive Post-Grunge sonic capability, similar to early Nirvana.

[r-zone2]Over at The Snickers Bowl, much hyped New Wave Screamo NYC Punks Gay For Johnny Depp impress an audience primarily made up of curious onlookers. Shambolic and frantic, the intrusive nature of their set is confrontational in all the right ways.

[l-zone3]Backyard Babies attract a substantial, loyal fanbase, revelling in the sleazy glam Scandinavian Throwback sound, established by Hanoi Rocks.  Proving that Sweden is the new Hollywood, power chords and anthemic choruses sweat and bleed Trash Rock.  Guitarist Dregen interacts with the audience with characteristic shotgun persona. New material sounds fresh and tight but nothing beats the response for the good time party vibe of ‘Brand New Hate’. This is a band that showcase both style and substance.

[r-zone4]By the time Ginger and the Sonic Circus arrives the audience are sufficiently warmed up and greet everyone’s favourite tortured lyricist like an old friend.  Fusing Freeform Jazz, Country, Blues and Classic Rock, this is a strong set displaying an impressive back catalogue with booze drenched, empowered endurance. And so the evening concludes with a fitting bang.