Valentine’s Day: Albums to fall in love to

Scenes at Global Gathering 2007 by Shab Notghi
Scenes at Global Gathering 2007 by Shab Notghi

We chat to The Vaccines, Magnetic Man, The Joy Formidable and more to find out the albums they'd recommend to fall in love to this Valentine's Day.

Go shoulder barge the card stand in your local shop. Valentine’s Day isn’t about filling a scrap of paper with Shakespearian sonnets about hearts, undying love and eternity. Sod all that.

If you and your new partner have been doing the “seeing each other” bit for a while and you’re looking to take it to the next level – Christ, this sounds like Friends – then make sure you’ve got the right soundtrack to do so.

And who better to pick their favourites than some of the best emerging bands from our Ones To Watch pages. Here are the albums they suggest to fall in love to:

'Pet Sounds' by Beach Boys
says Pete Robertson [drums] from The Vaccines: “It’s a very obvious choice but it’s one of the most perfect records ever made: ‘Pet Sounds’. It’s wonderful, I fell in love to ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ and experienced a broken heart with ‘Caroline, No’ so I think it sums it all up perfectly.”

'For You' by Prince says Skream from Magnetic Man: "For You, Prince, probably."

'Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!' by Vengaboys
says Rhydian Dafydd [bassist] from The Joy Formidable: “It's all to do with memories. I think when you really feel for someone it can be even the cheesiest thing. I mean I fell in love with the Venga Boys. ‘Boom, boom, boom, boom. I want you in my room.’”

‘Who Is Jill Scott’ by Jill Scott
says Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs: “I’ll have to go back to when I was a teenager and listening to full albums. An album to fall in love with is Jill Scott, ‘Who Is Jill Scott’. It’s an amazing album. I still try to listen to that occasionally.”

Anything by Sam Cooke
says Dan Legresley [guitar] from The Milk: "It might be clichéd but anything by Sam Cooke – how can people not be brought together by him! There's that voice, and songs like ‘Wonderful World’ – "Don't know much about history/Don't know much biology/Don't know much about a science book/Don't know much about the French I took/But I do know that I love you…". ‘Cupid’, ‘Love You Most Of All’, it's perfect!"

‘Greatest Hits’ by Brenton Wood says Chad Elliot [singer] from Funeral Party: “I think the most romantic album would be Bretton Wood’s ‘Greatest Hits’. That guy just knows how to charm the panties off a woman with his voice. It’s a classic, it’s Motown which I think always works in an intimate love setting. I like to put that on. I would have a car and like to put that on when I went on dates and it worked fairly well.”

A bit of Marvin Gaye says Ryhdian Dafydd [bassist] from The Joy Formidable: “A bit of Marvin Gaye you can't go wrong with that, but that's more like Lurrrve. Love with a capital L.”

‘Everybody Here Wants You’ by Jeff Buckley
says Ricky Nunn [frontman] from The Milk: “Not sure about albums, but ‘Everybody Here Wants You’ by Jeff Buckley (from 1998's ‘Sketches for My Sweetheart The Drunk’) does it for me – "I know everybody here wants you/I know everybody here thinks he needs you/I'll be waiting right here just to show you/How our love will blow it all away."

'Teen Dream' by Beach House
says James Torres [guitarist] from Funeral Party: “There’s this band called Beach House and all their music they wrote to make love to they said.”