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In our first new feature of 2016 we take a look at some of the weirdest and most wonderful stories from the world of music this week.

Ace of Science

One hardcore Motörhead fan from York has launched a bid to get a newly discovered Heavy Metal Element named “Lemmium” in honour of their late frontman Lemmy Kilmister.

John Wright is seeking support via a petition to persuade the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (the world authority on these things) to name one of the four new Heavy Metals in the Periodic table ‘Lemmium’.

Click here to join more than 100,000 Motörhead fans in signing John’s petition.

Meanwhile, Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister’s funeral will be livestreamed tomorrow (Sat 9 June) from 22:30 via Motörhead’s Official Youtube channel.

Say It Saint So

With all the fuss about Axl and Slash making up, and that ‘did you miss us yet?’ return from LCD Soundsystem, absolutely no one has been talking about nineties girl group All Saints and their little-awaited comeback this week.

The four piece last performed together in 2013 and we for one are glad to have them back. Specially as we thought we’d Never Ever see them again.

Uptight and Out of Sight

Wondering what to get the unborn foetus in your life? Well look no further.

The Babypod is a small (waterproof) speaker designed to be inserted inside one’s vagina, delivering One Direction direct to your embryo.

Babypod (via

The ‘tampon size’ speaker - designed by a Spanish firm - costs £110 and is controlled by a phone app. Parents-to-be can also share their babies’ listening experience using split headphones which hang out of the vagina.

The speaker has a top sound level of 54 decibels and is recommended for use from 16 weeks, for between 10-20 minutes at a time.

Babypod has also held the “first concert for foetuses ever held in the world”, with Eurovision 2009 finalist Soraya Arnelas serenading pregnant women fitted with the speakers. Is it just a matter of time before we’re covering the first ever ‘foetus festival’?

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Hotline Bling Bags

Sadly smartphones don’t always make your smarter. The trend to snap each and every second of the live experience has distanced a generation of music fans from the world around them, and the artists they’ve paid so much to see.

After criticism from Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jack White, and Neutral Milk Hotel, a company in the US now thinks it’s found the solution. Yondr is a case you slip your phone into during events which can disable the phone’s network coverage, thereby creating ‘phone free zones’. The case automatically locks in certain areas of the venue (i.e. the main stage area) and then automatically unlocks in others (i.e. the entrance), allowing fans to go outside and make emergency calls at their leisure.


A number of clubs in the US are already using the technology and fans caught smuggling phones into these venues without first putting them in the special Yondr cases are being evicted from the events.

The goal isn’t to be the Gestapo,” Yondr founder Graham Dugoni said. “Technology is fine but in certain contexts, it erodes the experience.

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Pandora’s Box

Responsible for one of the definitive records of 2015, Father John Misty has been a busy man of late.

The one-time Fleet Foxes member claims he was approached recently by Pandora to record a series of promo jingles for the internet radio service.

He hasn’t made it clear why they were “rejected”, if they indeed ever reached Pandora, but you can listen to the full collection on his Soundcloud account and reach your own conclusions.

From Bowie to Blackstar

Happy Birthday Dave!

Not many people will celebrate their 69th birthday with the release of their twenty-sixth studio album. But David Bowie is not most people and ‘‘ is certainly not most albums.

Seven tracks in length and with Tony Visconti back in the producer’s chair, the record takes you far further down the road of artistic exploration than ‘The Next Day’ ever dared.

Meriting comparison with 1995’s ‘Outside’ album, the jazz-infused odyssey has been reviewed, previewed, dissected, evaluated, decoded, appraised and ranked. All there’s left to do is to turn up the speakers, listen and enoy.