The Vaccines – Leeds Festival 2012 review

The Vaccines at Reading Festival 2012 by Peter Corkhill
The Vaccines at Reading Festival 2012 by Peter Corkhill


Despite the escalating success of The Vaccines, this set is somewhat subdued – the low intensity of their stage show and all round sound requires a boost in volume that has not been provided.

The denim swathed quartet is nevertheless met with a colossal crowd, offering easy applause and admiration for minimal return. Admittedly, recent hits like ‘Teenage Icon’ and older successes such as closer ‘Norgaard’ have their charm; ‘Post Break-Up Sex’ is an amusing commentary on relationship breakdown, and is received well by their hordes of contemporary devotees.

However, despite a rather rock appearance the indie group fail to contribute any particular enthusiasm, and this is reflected by the audience response. The Vaccines are very popular, and will no doubt climb ever higher in the line-up hierarchy in future years, but they are not particularly memorable live. The main stage field is totally packed with grinning festival goers jigging very slightly, singing along to personal favourites, pleased to be seeing the group but not massively involved.

Perhaps this is all the future of indie can offer us; no more war-torn Oasis-esque split ups to anticipate, no more loud indie rock ‘n’ roll, just the odd cheer and shout. Still, who are we to judge? If there is the fanbase, the show must go on – regardless of content.

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