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You know how you love music festivals, and international travel companies? Indulge both your big passions with the sponsored festival playlist generator.

The Festival Playlister comes ready packed with playlists for thousands of international festivals dating right back to the sixties.

Powered by Spotify and Songkick, the Playlister machine offers a compendium of sounds from a wide variety of music festivals. It creates playlists for either “the hits” or “the obscure stuff” from a specific year’s line-up, giving you a taste of the big songs or some of the lesser known setlist filler.

Couldn’t make it to the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970 to see one of Hendrix’s last ever live shows? Missed most of Glastonbury 2013 due to that dodgy pill Andy put in your tea on the Thursday night? Fear not, the whole experience, fresh from the studio floor, is available - in glorious 320 kbps quality - at your very fingertips.

The playlister not only compiles collections from festivals past but also future events in 2016 where some of their line-up has been announced. The festival playlist will have tunes not only from the headliners but also the lowly second and third stage bands.

Looking for metal? Try Sonisphere 2011.

Looking for mellow? Try WOMAD 2015.

Looking for Magic FM? Try ReWind 2013.