The Ticket Trout: I’ve reeled in some more deals

Hello, hello, gather round then, I've come into some golden festival tickets this week that you're gonna love.

First up, Camden Crawl, you heard of it? You’ve been! Even better, great crack innit. Loads of bands playing in loads of pubs and it’s all in London, so getting home won’t be a problem after a few jars. Just the one ticket, are you sure? It ain’t just that John Peel indie anymore, take one for your sister too they’ve got Sugababes doing a show up there. You got a teenage cousin you want to Kipper out of trouble or anything? Lucky Lost Prophets will be playing as well then and there’s plenty of new music too. How much? £57 for the weekend or £35.50 per day, I’m feeling generous. Nice one.

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Alright guv, how’s the tadpoles? Growing up fast I bet, they do at that age. Tell you what though, I took the missus to Latitude last year with the nippers and they loved it. I mean, she ain’t no Skate Moss anymore but it ain’t a showy festival, it’s more for the family: kid’s area, theatre, poetry, comedy and plenty of good music as well. Vampire Weekend, Belle And Sebastian and that Florence And The Machine are going to be playing, the type of music the wife loves right? £155 for the weekend, a snip really, or I’ve got some day tickets I can do for you for £65 each.

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This one’s near enough a holiday and a festival in one. It’s called Rock Ness and it’s right on the shores of the Loch Ness in Scotland. Yeah, with that Nessie monster swimming around in the lake. But it ain’t all about the scenery, the need the sounds as well don’t ya? That’s why you’ll love it – Fatboy Slim, The Strokes and even Leftfield – you don’t get line-ups as good as that these days do you? £149 for all of it, including the camping, yeah, and I’ve got day and VIP tickets too. If I give it to you any cheaper I’ve completely haddock with the ol’ trout, you know what I’m saying? Snap them up for that mate, I'm losing out for that.

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Have I got anything else in Scotland? Yeah, course. I’ve got this little festival in Glasgow mate; it will stretch to almost any budget. It’s called Hinterland and just like the Camden Crawl you scale the tiles of the town watching Mystery Jets, British Sea Power, bands like that, you know. £15 for the whole day. Nah course I’m not spinning you a line! Take them now mate.

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Right, I can hook you up on some Paul McCartney tickets as well. I’ve got them for Hard Park Calling in London or passes for Dublin, Cardiff or Glasgow. Up to you mate. You have to mussel in there before they all go mind. £62.50 for London mate but I can get ‘em cheaper for the other gigs.

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Not fancy any of them? He’s at the Isle of Wight Festival as well, right at the foot of the country, makes it feel like a proper trip if you go there. They’ve got Jay-Z and The Strokes as well some oldies too. Cast your mind back to Orbital and Blondie, unbeatable right? £150 for the weekend with camping there too. I’ve got festival-only passes as well for that, up to you.

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That’s all I’ve got on me at the moment. My mate over there’s got a load more, gigs and all. Check out his plaice for some more tickets, else I’ll be back soon with some more deals for you. Take it easy.