The New One: Hinterland

Ruth Saxelby works her way through Glasgow's latest festival, as it prepares to debut...

What is it?

Hinterland is a genre hopping, venue jumping, two-day music and art festival in Glasgow. It’s also brand spanking new, rather wonderfully programmed and has strong focus on homegrown talent. With the Scottish music scene enjoying a rich and varied resurgence of late, this is a good thing. That said there’s also healthy representation from the rest of the UK in the form of established acts and exciting upstarts spanning punk to pop, electro to emo and indie to instrumental.

Where and when?

Set amidst Glasgow’s art nouveau architecture in 15 of the city’s finest venues, Hinterland bursts into life on Thursday 30 April and Friday 1 May. There’ll be daytime art events, live music from 7-11pm and late night clubbing a-go-go.

Five to watch?

Two Door Cinema Club
Instant feel-good indie pop from Northern Ireland destined to soundtrack the summer.

Tommy Reilly

Expect emotive acoustic performance from Glasgow’s award-winning shiny new talent.

Three Trapped Tigers
Produced by Gordon Raphael of Strokes fame, TTT captivate with hypnotic and melodic soundscapes.

We Have Band
Urgent electro made for dancing to from Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent winners.

Much rated Scottish rockers with a knack for gloriously noisy anthems.

One to miss?

The Fall
Only because the world and their dad will be there. And they’re on at the same time as Tommy Reilly and We Have Band. Oh decisions, decisions.

Be at Hinterland if you like…

Running around city streets from gig to gig in a whirl of overexcitement.

Avoid if you hate…

Being unfashionably on time. The big acts are undoubtedly going to pull bigger crowds so it’s advisable to get there early if you want to catch them.

Festival tactics

Don’t judge a book by its cover, or rather a band by its name. There are lots of questionably monikered unknown acts playing who are actually rather good (Ou Est Le Swimming Pool being a case in point).

The only festival that…

Promises free soul food via the oh-so-brilliant Dante Fried Chicken at the Lucky Me collective party, where you can also catch Warp Records signing Rustie. Beats overpriced burgers any day.

Fashionista or folky?

Expects musos of all persuasions, from hairdo scenesters to mellowed punk rockers.

Alcohol of choice?

Single malt, on the rocks, with ginger and a slice of lime – whichever way, surely it’s got to be Scotland’s finest?

Take your mum score – 3/10

She’ll only make you queue for hours for a cuppa at the Willow Tea Rooms.

Can I still get tickets?

Yep, get them online from Hinterland. It’s £42 for both days or £23.50 for one day. You can also pick up tickets at Fopp stores in Glasgow.

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