The New One: Hammerfest

With just days to go Ross Baker looks ahead to Hammerfest, as it prepares to debut...

What is it?

Hard Rock Hell and Metal Hammer Magazine combine to bring us two crushing days of Old meets New Metal in the surroundings of a Butlins Holiday camp -over 16s only

Where and when?

Hammerfest kicks off at Butlins Holiday Camp in Prestatyn, Wales. It’s a two-day affair kicking off on Friday 24th April and won't let up till the early hours of Sunday morning.

Five to watch

Opeth – Friday – Main Stage
Swedish prog-metal masters bring their seductive mix of 70's acoustica and bruising death metal.

Sepultura – Saturday – Main Stage
Touting their new Clockwork Orange inspired ‘A-Lex’ release, the boys from Brazil will bring a tribal metal assault.

– Friday – Main Stage
Watertight British thrash.

Dream Evil
Hilariously over the top Power Metallers open the “Book of Heavy Metal!”


The Godfathers of British doom – nuff said.

One to miss

Open The Skies – Saturday – Rising Records Stage
More scream for the boys, sing for the girls, melodic hardcore which is neither big or clever.

Be at Hammerfest if you like…

Bellowing the word "metaaaal" at the top of your voice, throwing ‘the horns’ at everone you meet and ruining the squeaky clean image of British holiday camps! When the chalet is rockin' we're not stoppin'.

Avoid if you hate…

People death growling, plastic swords being waved around and tripping over some bloke in a denim jacket that looks like Bill Bailey's uncle.

Festival tactics

Party hard but don't trash the chalet or you'll be picking up a big bill.

The only festival that…

Combines heavy metal debauchery with spring holiday camp cleanliness.

Fashionista or folky?

A headbangers’ dream while not sacrificing all your beloved creature comforts – you can keep those freshly ironed band tees in a drawer in your room.

Alcohol of choice

Bitter or lager – whatever you pick will be moshed out of your hand.

Take your mum score

2/10 – If your old dear is into banging her head, wearing tight leather and generally causing chaos then this will be right up her street, otherwise keep her around 50 miles away. That should be far enough.

Can I still get tickets?

All accommodation has sold out but day tickets for Friday and Saturday are both still available at £40 each.

Click here to buy.