The Maccabees – BBC Hackney Weekend 2012 Review


With ‘No Kind Words’ the Maccabees set the pace for a set that never wants or wanes. Steadfast indie epics from three eras in the band’s short history.

Following the opener, ‘Wall of Arms’, the title track from their second album which established the band’s larger ambition, to push their style to new darker and moody terrains. Even without the brass section the song fizzes alive with a dual percussion part that cuts through the heart of the song.

‘Feel To Follow‘ is a new song that once again reworks The Maccabees sound, creating a soundscape you can almost dive in to. Deep in harmonies and rich guitar pickings, in a live setting it manages to zone out into new space and time as the song moves along.

Against this ‘First Love’ stands out rather a lot, taking their sound back to the start, it’s an innocent dose of pop-guitar rock that still strikes a strong chord with the youthful crowd. By this point that said crowd are hustling to get in the tent or tussling on shoulders for a better view of the stage.

Pelican‘ is a punchy farewell to all of them, it comes well before time though as the band leave the Hackney Weekend crowd wanting more. A good lesson in self discipline.

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