The ‘Average Festival Goer’ revealed

You won't find a greater mix of people anywhere. Music festivals by nature boast an eye-popping blend of the weird and wonderful. But what do you get if you add them all up and divide by the thousands?

Last summer, Virtual Festivals pioneered the first ever festival census, a questionnaire asking our readers to reveal all about themselves; their personal details, behaviour at festivals, attitudes towards certain things, etc.

Almost 10,000 people entered VF’s survey to give a unique insight into what makes festival-goers in the UK tick. As you’d expect, the results are all over the place, reflecting the obvious fact that people who make the summer pilgrimages to festival fields can be as chalk and cheese as Radiohead and Girls Aloud.

Rather than bombard you with all the results, we thought we’d present you with the ‘average festival goer’ because somewhere out there he or she roams – and this is who they are… Recognise?

Gender: Male
Age: 21-25
From: South East England
Marital status: Single and unattached
Occupation: Student
Annual Salary: Less than £10k
Spend most money on: Socialising
Musical taste: Rock
Buy music from: Shops
Gigs per year: 8
Fave other hobby: Cinema
Preferred holiday: Music festival
Smoker: No
Number of festivals in 2005: 2
Best festival source: Word of mouth
Most important festival factor: Great lineup
Fave thing at festivals: Music
Mode of transport: Car
Accompanied by: 5 friends
Spend most money on: Alcohol
Number of units at a festival: 31-50
Drink of choice – Beer
Drug of choice – Cannabis
Food of choice – Chips
Dress code – Balance image with practicality
Age at first festival – 18
Age when too old for festivals – Never
Worst thing to lose at festival – Money
Best festivals abroad – Ireland
Opinion of corporate sponsorship – An unfortunate but necessary aspect
Most annoying thing at festivals – Favourite bands clashing on running order
Opinion on ticket prices – About right

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