Tenacious D – Download 2012 review

Tenacious D at Leeds Festival 2008 by Sara Bowrey
Tenacious D at Leeds Festival 2008 by Sara Bowrey


Steel Panther cannot help but look like a flop when proceeded by the true Kings of rock comedy- Tenacious D – and their bulging, fiery hard on. That is to speak of the (are they compensating for something?) blow up Phoenix Phallus that erects itself marvellously after the arrival of Kyle Gass and Jack Black to ‘Rize Of The Fenix’.

Despite the fact that the spotlight is engraving every inch of their (middling) age on their faces, the dopey, often puerile humour still seems to come naturally to Black as he gestures emphatically through newer material such as ‘Deathstarr’ and ‘Roadie’.

Yet without a doubt it is the classics the crowd want to hear, as the arrival of ‘Kickapoo’ signifies a return to the beastie underbelly of Tenacious D and their head-shakingly silly antics. ‘Beelzeboss’ captures the parodying essence of the satanic stigma of metal, while the stoney faced Gass becomes more animated as he and Black cower away from ‘possessed’ touring guitarist John Konesky.

Silliness abounds, from dancing Sea Monsters to Black’s signature jerky dance moves that the crowd appreciate with some of their own. The arrival of mega-single ‘Tribute’ is the feather in the cap as the chorus of voices show up the ensuing Biffy Clyro.

“We wanted to play Download before the world explodes after this year” Black says jokingly, although considering earlier rumours of their soon-to-be culmination, you never know when may be their last festival appearance.


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