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R.I.P. Glenn Frey

The Eagles’ Glenn Frey checked into the Hotel California in the sky this week. Tributes to the late singer-songwriter came pouring in from the great and good, everyone from Ryan Adams to Steve Martin, Bruce Springsteen to One Direction’s Niall Horan.

A successful solo musician in his own right, Frey is probably best known as one of the founding members of LA rock outfit the Eagles.

The band formed in 1971 and went on to score four number one albums in the US and release more than a dozen hit singles, including ‘One of These Nights’, ‘New Kid In Town’, ‘Heartache Tonight’ and international smash ‘Hotel California’.

Straight Outta ConservativeHome

In this week’s biggest headfuck of a headline, NWA member Ice Cube called Conversative Chancellor and evil overlord George Osborne “my homie” on BBC Radio 5 Live.

The Compton-born rapper was responding to reports that Osborne is quite partial to some N-words With Attitude and even attended one of their London concert in the early nineties, he also claims to have invited Dr Dre to Downing Street for a cup of tea.

One for the Straight Outta Compton sequel?

George “Gangsta” Osborne via

The Sensational PJ Harvey Song

Time to let England shake once more as we welcome back PJ Harvey. It’s certainly been an empty few years in wait since the songstress played her last UK festival set (Bestival) back in 2011.

Comeback single ‘The Wheel’ is a sneak preview of her forthcoming album, ‘The Hope Six Demolition Project’, scheduled for release on April 15.

Harvey recorded the album at Somerset House last summer with producers Flood and John Parish, allowing public audiences to observe the process. The songwriting was reportedly influenced by her time in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Washington, D.C. over the last four years.

Bach in Black

German baroque composer Johann Sebastian Bach got a metal makeover this week.

Horns to the sky, YouTuber Rob Scallon recreated Bach’s classic banger ‘Badinerie’ as if the composer wrote it for his own metal band, and it sounds gnarly. Guitars at the ready, try to play along if you can.

From Bach to Bale

18th century composers weren’t the only ones getting taught a lesson in blast beats and hell-raising this week. Batman whisperer Christian Bale has apparently been channelling Pantera and Mastodon in his efforts to learn how to play the drums.

Talking with Screenbeat about his latest film, The Big Short, Bale stated that his onscreen character would unwind by listening to Pantera’s ‘By Demons Be Driven’ all day long.

More method than Method Man, Bale decided not just to listen to the Pantera song but to learn how to play it too. He hired drum teacher Scott Wittenburg and went on a two week ‘crash’ course, listening only to Pantera and Mastodon, before he was good enough to drum along with ‘By Demons Be Driven’.

Bowie Gave Coldplay The Cold Shoulder

Amongst the personal tales of love, loss and profound grief over David Bowie’s passing there were actually moments of genuine joy and laughter.

Perhaps no more joyful than cheery English chaps Coldplay revealing their news that the late Brixton-born superstar turned down the chance to collaborate on a song with them.

Coldplay had written a three-part harmony they thought perfect for Bowie, however he turned down the request in no uncertain terms, telling them: “It’s not a very good song, is it?

I was like, ‘Mm, okay, I’ll take that as a no,’” Will Champion said in an interview (below) with NME. “He was very discerning. He wouldn’t just put his name to anything. I’ll give him credit for that.