Sonisphere 2011: The Ultimate Preview

We preview the UK leg of Sonisphere's EU tour 2011..

Metal in a stately home, you’re mad right?
Nope, it’s all here, Knebworth House – the site of legendary Queen, Oasis and even Robbie Williams gigs is now vying to be the new home of metal. Sonisphere have collected the most mouth-wateringly enormous metal line up of its short history, and they’ll be making new history with the first ever ‘big four show’ on UK soil and Slipknot‘s first UK performance as an eight-piece after the lose of Paul Gray last year. 

What’s this big four you talk of?
Just the true trash metal pioneers – Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. Dubbed “The Big Four” in the late eighties, they’ve fallen in and out of love with each other but were brought together for first time last year on the same bill at Sonisphere Poland in June.

I’m more into Scottish rock n roll with chart potential.
Well stop your fretting, Sonisphere have blagged Biffy Clyro for their largest headline festival slot yet! The biggest tunes and some quiet numbers, but no guest appearance from Matt Cardle we’re told.

It all seems a bit heavy to me, where can I find some light relief?
Slayer-impersonator and bird-watching maniac Bill Bailey is on hand for his largest festival performance with an Saturn Stage appearance. Plus lounge music everyman Richard Cheese is on hand for some ridicule and rhythm if the ear-pounding metal gets too much.

The top four five you can’t miss:

The Mars Volta
You don’t need a history lesson but two of the mythical force behind At The Drive-In have formed what could be described as the pseudo-Mexican answer to King Crimson. It’s full of twists, turns and breath-taking displays of experimentation, or as the layman would put it – “boring seven minute guitar instrumentals”.

Richard Cheese
Lounge on the farm, well estate house. If Dick here could turn a sad tune happy he would, so don’t miss the man and his waistcoat rock an outdoor venue for what may well be the first and very last time.

Limp Bizkit
Here’s you thinking Fred Durst had got stuck up his own arsehole and was waiting for surgeons to remove his cap from his rectum. Well you’re wrong – he’s back and hosed down to relive the best/worst moments of the early noughties, you know to keep rollin and that.

It wasn’t yesterday everyone in the world said a collective “wow” when these alt-rock legends stormed Reading and Leeds Festivals for their first UK show in years. Now they’re back for a London date and one-off festival show promising lots of Blue album material and geek-chic.

Exit Ten
Not content with the arena defining main stage shows, Sonisphere have put together a fine list of the up-and-coming, in form metal bands of the moment. Sandwiched between WWF rockstars and orange goblins on the Jagermeister Stage is a Berkshire band with some killer tunes, Exit Ten. Named after a motorway turn off – little fact for you.

Sold, so where do I pick up tickets?
There’s weekend tickets and newly released day tickets here.

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I have my tickets, now what?
Well good things come to those who wait so why not stay patient and get your rocks on to our Sonisphere Spotify playlist.