Path to End Of The Road: The preview

Scenes at End Of The Road Festival 2006 by Michael Gregory
Scenes at End Of The Road Festival 2006 by Michael Gregory

End of the Road is one of those festivals that have a random mix of everyone and everything.

A mixture of crowds, the young folk getting into the folk and those escaping the kids for a Dorset weekend of tranquility and stripped back acoustic mellowness. Expect litter free fields, smily happy faces and some beard stroking musical geekness.

Where are we heading?
From 2 – 4 September ticket holders will be pitching up in Lamer Tree Gardens in North Dorset. Although with 60’s style light-shades hanging from the tress and an array of books on shelves in the woods you’ve walked through the looking-glass into a magical wonderland.
Ok, sounds exotic. So who’s worth checking out?

Emanuel and The Fear
It’s not everyday you get an 11 piece orchestra playing at a festival. Matching up with the surreal surroundings will be Emanuel and the Fear with their surreal style described as a mix of Beethoven with Arcade Fire.

Joan as a Policewoman
Joining other randomly named bands, which make the line-up even more amusing to read, Joan as a Policewoman will be performing songs from her new album ‘Deep Field’. The album name, described as a distant galaxy and a method of relaxation, can only lead you to wonder what she has in store.

Bob Log III
He wears a full body cannonball man suit, a motorbike helmet with a plastic shield covering his face and a telephone attached near his mouth when he performs. Plus he plays the guitar and drums on his own. I don’t think I need to tempt you anymore.

The perfect band to watch whilst lazing in the sun with a cold pint. This London band combines brass and strings with the already acoustic sound to create easy listening music perfect for any festival this summer.

Daniel Martin Moore
Brings his Kentucky background into his music to create an upbeat country style. One to get up and dance to, but resist the temptation to whip out the embarrassing barn dance moves.

Is that it?
Oh no. With others such as Laura Marling, Lykke Li, Beriut and Kate Bush sound-alike Joanna Newsome not only is there a wide variety of signed and unsigned performers, there is also much more nooks and crannies to be discovered. Search for the Woodland Library to live out those movie moments of sitting in the woods with your nose deep in a book, circus-training workshops for kids and the healing retreat for sorting out those rough mornings.

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Tickets to End Of The Road 2011 have now completely sold out.

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