New Found Glory at Leeds Festival 2013 review


Always on the main stage, never headlining, New Found Glory have situated themselves in what is an all too familiar early slot for their happy-go-lucky pop-punk and they know it. “They asked us to play ‘Sticks and Stones’, but only gave us 35 minutes to play a 42 minute album!” laughs guitarist Chad Gilbert good naturedly. The pop-punk pioneers take up the challenge, and proceed to consecutively play as much as they can from their popular Gold album, which is a surprising mix up from previous festival appearances. After all, as Gilbert says: “You’ve seen us a trillion times Leeds, you know what we’re about and we love you!

The Bouncing Souls-lite, breezy nature of their performances means that even when Jordan Pundik‘s vocals falter, the barrage of teen issues wrapped up in melodic breakdowns can still crack a smile on the most crusty of punks.

Steaming through favourites ‘Something I Call Personality‘, ‘Head On Collision‘ and ‘It’s Been A Summer‘, the band remind all of the fact that they have many an infectious smash hit under their belts. 2011’s ‘Radiosurgery‘, one of their lowest charting albums in eleven years, is nowhere to be seen; a blessing for some. Ending their ‘Sticks and Stones‘ run early around the eighth track ‘Never Give Up‘, the band leave off with ‘Catalyst‘s hit ‘All Downhill From Here‘ to fist pumping singalong success. Have they matured beyond what interest they can garner from the emo-splash diarised youth? It doesn’t seem like it.

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