Mr & Mrs: How well do Magnetic Man know each other?

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, Virtual Festivals sat down with Magnetic Man to test the bond between the dubstep love triangle with a special Mr & Mrs quiz.

Having spent the last six months causing more damage to clubs than Godzilla and the last few years dragging dubstep from underground darkness into the light of day, you’d imagine that the hottest trio in dance right now would know each other pretty well.

On tour habits can be as obvious as they are annoying, so with Skream, Benga and Artwork still riding up and down the country destroying speakers with basslines, you’d think a few questions about whether they know each other’s favourite food or TV show would be easy. So did we.

Let’s see how well Magnetic Man actually know each other.

Artwork and Benga tackle the facts on Skream.

What is Skream's favourite food?
Artwork: Probably his mum's roast.
Answer: Scallops.

What is Skream's worst habit?

Benga: Touching his quiff.
Answer: Smoking.

What is Skream's favourite TV show?

Benga: Family Guy or Eastbound and Down.
Answer: Peep Show.

What's the strangest thing Skream has asked for on the rider?
Artwork: Dwarves in tinfoil.
Answer: Don’t know.

What is Skream's set saving track? (The song he'll drop if it's all going tits up)

Artwork: It never goes tits up!
Answer: ‘In For The Kill’.

What's Skream most likely to give as a Valentine's Day gift?

Benga: A box of chocolates.
Answer: Love.

Results: 0/6

Awful. In fairness, the quiff touching might irritate Benga more than the smoking; it depends how you look at it.

Benga and Skream show us what they know about Artwork.

What is Artwork's favourite food?

Benga: Egg and chips.
Answer: Poached porcupine.

What is Artwork's worst habit?

Skream: Smoking.
Answer: Practical jokes.

What is Artwork's favourite TV show?

Skream: The news.
Answer: QI.

What's the strangest thing Artwork has asked for on the rider?
Benga: Postcards.
Answer: Six chiwawa puppies.

What is Artwork's set saving track? (The song he'll drop if it's all going tits up)

Benga: Pass.
Answer: ‘Island In The Stream’ – Dolly Parton.

What's Artwork most likely to give as a Valentine's Day gift?

Skream: Pass.
Answer: A diamond-studded camel.

Results: 0/ 6

Pathetic. Artwork was being deliberately difficult, Skream and Benga didn't even attempt to answer the last two. Magnetic Man are officially dragging the game into disrepute.

Artwork and Skream try and piece together Benga.

What is Benga's favourite food?

Skream: Fast.
Answer: Chicken and rice.

What is Benga's favourite TV show?

Artwork: Don't know, he can't turn it on.
Answer: Family Guy.

What's the strangest thing Benga has asked for on the rider?

Skream: Sweets.
Answer: M&Ms.

What is Benga's set saving track? (The song he'll drop if it's all going tits up)

Skream: Katy B – ‘On A Mission’.
Answer: ‘26 Basslines’

What's Benga most likely to give as a Valentine's Day gift?
Artwork: A lift home.
: Nothing.

Results: 1/6

Call in the marriage counsellor! Are M&Ms even that strange a request?

It would seem to the VF cupid that Magnetic Man are far from a tight unit. Perhaps they need to turn down the bass and listen to what each other have to say.

Magnetic Man's self-titled debut album is out now on Columbia Records. They are set to headline BLOC Weekend 2011 at Butlins in Minehead from 11-13 March with Aphex Twin, Laurent Garnier, Four Tet and Jamie xx among the acts to play.

The festival is sold out but you can see the full BLOC Weekend line-up here.

The band are touring as part of the NME Awards tour with Crystal Castles, The Vaccines and Everything Everything.

They play Birmingham this Saturday (12 February) and then continue touring.

Buy tickets here.