Merry Quiz-mas! The answers to our festive-al quiz!

Warning! Inside this article are the answers to our Christmas quiz. If you haven't taken it yet, don't peak inside...

So, it’s time to find out how much attention you paid during this festival season. Were you the one who peaked too early and forgot everything? Or are you knowledgeable enough to come and work from us? Let’s see…


1. Which 2010 festival saw headline sets from Jay-Z, The Strokes and Paul McCartney?

Isle of Wight Festival

2. Which festival is organised by Rob da Bank?

3. Which singer-songwriter performed at Bestival, T In The Park, V Festival, Oxegen and Glastonbury in 2010?

Ellie Goulding

4. In 2010, which festival dedicated a stage to Ronnie James Dio?


5. Which 2010 festival was cancelled because of forced increases in security and police costs?

Glade Festival

6. Who replaced U2 as Glastonbury headliners?

7. Which temperamental act controversially turned up late to their Reading and Leeds headlining slots?

Guns N’ Roses

8. Which band had their own stage at Download?


9. Where does The Great Escape take place?


10. Who headlined the first night of this year’s NME Weekender?



11. How many UK festivals did Stevie Wonder play in 2010?


12. Who curated ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas?

Godspeed You! Black Emperor

13. Who headlined T In The Park 2010 on the Sunday?

14. Which rapper joined Jay-Z on stage at the Isle of Wight Festival 2010?
Kanye West

15. Which of the following didn't play at Global Gathering 2010?
Fatboy Slim

16. Which festival saw Arcade Fire, Muse and Eminem headline?


17. Which of these festivals featured a tug-of-war?

Field Day

18. Who was the Main Stage compere at Reading Festival?
Huw Stephens

19. Members of which former headlining band did an impromptu set at Glastonbury’s Park stage?

20. Which festival saw LCD Soundsystem headline one of its nights?



21. Name the 2010 festival, which took place for the first time at Newstead in Nottinghamshire, attempted to inject new life into a mining town with the help of the Village SOS scheme.

22. Which 2010 festival featured a (fictitious!) murder mystery?

Standon Calling

23. What was the fancy dress theme at this year’s Bestival?


24. Mystery Jets headlined the first night of this year’s Offset Festival, but who headlined the second?

Atari Teenage Riot

25. The Strokes returned to headline Isle Of Wight and Rock Ness after four years away, but what was the last UK festival they played at before their hiatus?

T In The Park

26. Which 2010 festival took place at Faenol Park?

One Big Weekend

27. Which comedian performed with The Blockheads at Nozstock 2010?

Phill Jupitus

28. Name one of the two headliners at Creamfields 2010?

Tiesto or David Guetta

29. Which 2010 festival had sets from Modest Mouse, The Mountain Goats and Iron and Wine?

End Of The Road Festival

30. Which Scottish band were the secret guests at Bowlie 2 in December?

Franz Ferdinand  

So how did you get on?

If you got zero to five correct answers…
Wow, when you said you blacked out on scrumpy, you really did!

If you got six to ten correct answers…

You’re a festival novice. You can put up a two-man tent, but so can some of the staff in Millets.

If you got 11 to 15 correct answers…

You’re getting there but your mum probably dropped you off at the gate on Friday and picked you up on Sunday night.

If you got 16 to 20 correct answers…

A noble effort, you’re Converse are still muddy from a summer of festivals.

If you got 21 to 25 correct answers…

A great try, but you’re sitting second on the bill.

If you got 26 to 30 correct answers…

Well done, you’re more of an egghead than Michael Eavis.