Mad For It: The MWP 2011 preview

Our bumper preview guide to the longest dance event in the history of the North.

What is this, a three month Manc bender?

The Manchester Warehouse Project is indeed three months of hardcore party line ups at the Mecca for electro and indie cool – Store Street, underneath Manchester Piccadilly Station. But you don’t have to do everyone; each event carries a different line up and price.

So what no camping?

No, just emerge from the station venue into the fresh morning light and tramline centrality of Manchester for a Lenny Henry endorsed Travel Inn night. Better still the station will provide a mildly warmer refuge for those intent on hanging out overnight than a park bench, for example.

What’s the ‘not to be missed’ line up then?

There’s no accounting for taste and as such you should check out the full line up here (add link). If we could only recommend one night it would be Aphex Twin making a rare headline appearance on November 18. Otherwise this Saturday (Oct 15) Factory Floor and The Horrors both play live shows as part of the Manchester Warehouse Project, and give you a chance to understand what’s all this flurry of fuss is about.

Why else should this be the one time I got mad for it?

Well this season will be the last Manchester Warehouse Project at the Store Street as the space, once used as an air raid shelter, is converted into hotel complex. It’s what Mark E Smith would have wanted. 

So which are the not to be missed acts?

Four Tet

Jamie XX’s curated MWP event is turning into something special, and the fresh-faced electro impresario is proving a trendy weather-cock for the prevailing musical taste. As such Four Tet is having his moment, seven solid beat records later, and it’s fully deserved. The latest offering on Domino, ‘There Is Love in You’ garnered his highest critical assessment yet.

MWP: 29/10/2011


This guy is like marmite, if marmite were the sort of substance that gives sexual powers to some and crippling nausea to others. His sound might bypass the brain at first as you grapple to control the frantic, bass-heavy aftereffects, but in there is a talented round of bright young talent.

MWP: 1/12/2011


It’s been a quiet year for Oxford’s refined mathcore lads, moving from Cassius based lad-shouters to melodic flights of fancier stringed sonical diversions. Mercury nominated ‘Total Life Forver’ was a deeply affecting album to experience through and a modern classic that needs to be witnessed live to give it true justice.

MWP: 30/12/2011

Aphex Twin

Richard David James turned forty this year, but in those years the Irish electric messiah hasn’t lost one drop of his passion or power to reinvent and intrigue with every turn at the decks. At times minimalist, others pumping so much sonical flare at your face you can hardly stand, each Aphex Twin set is unique and carries all the great swinging pendulum of dark and light sounds you get in his great record catalogue.

MWP: 18/11/2011 


Skream & Benga

South London’s finest dubstep guys, this pairing have individual history, and more beside with their crossover alterego ‘Magnetic Man‘. However like Eric and Ernie, Thelma and Louise, and The Chuckle Brothers they possible work their best magic as a duo. Expect a non-step set collaging club and cult classics alongside some of their better known material, perhaps even a little remixed rendition of La Roux‘s ‘In For The Kill‘? One can hope.

MWP: 14/12/2011 

Right I want to get to everyone, where do I start?

Hold on there cowboy, you’ll need to buy tickets for each event first. Ticket prices for The Manchester Warehouse Project vary from £13.50 to £28.50 (New Years Eve).

Click here to buy Manchester Warehouse Project tickets for 2011/2012.