Large it in Style at the Festivals with Orange

Just because you choose to spend the weekend festering in your own filth, drinking your liver away and going more deaf than Helen Keller doesn't mean you can't communicate and interact as usual!

[r-zone1]Whilst other corporate behemoth’s choose to do little more than splash their logo over a few bin-liners, ORANGE has managed to combine super-scale branding with some genuinely useful and innovative tools. It’s a widely accepted fact that ORANGE is the only network likely to work properly in the middle of nowhere, which means that you won’t have any problems at all using these services and phoning your mum to let her know you have clean pants on.


For the literate among you, dialing 277 from an Orange phone opens up a whole world of text message information resources. The multimedia services allows for a whole host of things to be sent direct you to you via SMS. Ranging from horoscopes, sports results and festival info, it’s the perfect complement to Virtual Festivals and is great for when you can’t get on the net.


Why they all end in ’77’ we don’t know, but what we do know is that by dialing 177 from your handset, you can access up-to-date weather and travel forecasts to ensure you don’t get held up any more than you have to en route to your field of dreams. As well as recorded news and messages from some of the top acts, you can even get tarot readings. And they are actually different each time, we’ve checked!

Other networks can use it too, just dial 00 44 7973 100 177.


A rapid recharge zone for mobile phone users who don’t have three spare batteries was always going to be a necessity. Luckily, with Orange’s presence at T In The Park, Reading and Leeds, anyone with enough energy to leave their tents can bask in the knowledge that they can use their moby all weekend, as many relieved revelers at Glastonbury recently discovered.


Why bother buying the whole album when you only like one little melody? In-grain your fave festival tunes in your head even more with Orange’s ringtone pick up points, which guarantee all the best tunes you’ll be moshing to over the weekend.


With phones like the new Sony Ericsson T68I, you can take digital pix, use them as backgrounds on your handset and even send them to your mates. Showcasing this, Orange Pods will allow you to share your festival fun whilst on the move sending digital pictures to anyone you want.


A great way to alleviate the boredom between and during bands, send abuse, arrange to meet or tell jokes with what is sure to be the huge hit of the summer. Text Screens are basically giant phone screens which will be posting thousands of messages sent by anyone on site.


Having personally used Orange for several years now, Virtual Festivals freaks Andrew Future and founder Steve Jenner can heartily report that as well as excellent coverage over the whole Glastonbury weekend, we find the customer service and general call quality to be top notch. For working music war-horses like ourselves, mobile communication is essential over the course of a weekend. How else are we meant to organise so many exclusives? In addition to Orange’s range of service, they also match any other tariff going, thus meaning that it’s not only the best service around, but it’s the cheapest!

For more info on Orange visit Stay tuned to Virtual Festivals for further mobile guides and a stunning competition to win yourself a lovely Sony Ericsson phone!