Kaiser Chiefs – Reading Festival 2012 review


‘Everyday I Love You Less and Less’:  an unfortunate summation for the Leeds lads. The curse of successful first albums hasn’t failed to hit Kaiser Chiefs right where it hurts. Yet, despite fading into the background since their debut, the five-piece still have the power to pull a crowd on the basis of the stomping mod-rock tracks that assured their success.

Vocalist Ricky Wilson plays up to this, clambering up the rigging while busily ‘predicting a riot’. Yet, despite rushing about stage like an over-excited bearded puppy, the stagecraft occasionally falls flat.

The crowd enthusiastically chants along during songs like ‘Ruby’, but a silent void forms every time the group stray into newer, or more obscure material. “This is our time, right now!” proclaims the vocalist, but the reality is that it was their time in 2005.

Not even Wilson chanting, as is his wont, “LEEDS, LEEDS, LEEDS!” gets a response, the band being used as filler for the not so angry mob. Perhaps they should think about ‘Retirement’.

Nonetheless, Kaiser Chiefs are a band you want to like; their inoffensive, nostalgia-ridden tunes are perfect to enjoy in the last of the summer sun. As the crowd picks up for closer ‘Oh My God’, it’s not hard to see why the northern rockers rose so rapidly in the first place.

— Sam Lindsay and Ali Ryland

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