Festival fashion: ice cool outfits for 2012

Crowds at Snowbombing 2011 by steve wild
Crowds at Snowbombing 2011 by steve wild

Anna Hyams gets caught under an avalanche of festival fashion, all ready for this season's snow festivals.

Snow idea what to pack for your mountain adventure? Take a leaf out of the Frozen Planet book and slip into something altogether more fitting of the winter wonderland – a Penguin Kigu. Whilst you may have seen a variety of these beasties at your regular summer festivals, they aren’t to be overlooked when considering snow attire. Just imagine it, you and your arctic buddies gliding down the slopes in a cheerleader-esque formation, waving to a crowd of bemused holidaymakers. They’re also roomy and dry quickly (good for those with less than stellar ski abilities).

In your efforts to actually get some real downhill adrenaline in between drinking sessions, try these trainer-looking DC snowboard boots on for size and don’t forget your flatpack Dakine backpack to cart your board back to the chalet with. Everyone knows that bright light is the devil when you’re massively hungover, so protect your peepers with a loud blue mask from Electric, pop your mitts into a pair of Dakine gloves and keep your bonce warm with a knitted pompom Barts Beanie that would make your grannie proud.


Snow What?

When you’re not traipsing up the icy climes, chuck on a very stylish pair of Sorel boots – waterproof and a little bit Canadian-woodchuck eh and sport a fur-lined Animal hoody for that extra warmth… ahem, I mean style. Ski resorts in the 80’s were the birthplace of gaudy neon and since it’s the hottest catwalk trend at the moment, it’s time you snow-lovers reclaimed it. Go forth and out shine your rivals in pink, green and yellow, with a selection of pop glamour jewellery from ASOS and a rather exciting pair of wayfarers from Vans. Anything else? Well, don’t forget your baselayers and your suncream, spare pants and tube socks, and on the health side, for the love of dog don’t forget the fizzygood.