Fall Out Boy at Leeds Festival 2013 review

Fall Out Boy at Leeds Festival 2013 by Shirlaine Forrest
Fall Out Boy at Leeds Festival 2013 by Shirlaine Forrest


Fall Out Boy are back- post hiatus- with bells on and, judging by size of the crowd, the fans have certainly not forgotten them. The pop-rockers are cool, collected and a bit too calm as they cruise through new ‘un ‘The Phoenix’and have a nigh on deafening response to ‘This Ain’t A Scene It’s An Arms Race’. It was alleged in the noughties that FOB were the fodder for every teen’s wet dream, and five years later on it still seems that every teen has come out to greet them.

This is special because Reading and Leeds were the first proper festival we played,” declares bassist Pete Wentz, the hits falling thick and fast as crowd favourite ‘Sugar We’re Going Down’ is immediately followed by ‘Dance Dance‘, It’s not all stellar stuff, however; some indecipherable ballad-y bilge is thrown around somewhere in the middle, dropping their already questionable rock credentials down a notch, and the Marmite rockers are not always in amity with the punters. “It’s good to see so many dudes in the mosh pit‘,” trills Wentz, to which one onlooker snarls “Shut up, c**t”. Well, it wouldn’t be a Fall Out Boy gig without someone bitterly wishing that they fully, wholeheartedly despised the band- rather than being drawn along by their bloody catchy hooks.

Fall Out Boy, rather boringly, do little to raise the tempo, but luckily the crowd bring it for them anyway. A Wildhearts-esque vibe of unasked for nudity weaves its way through the crowd, and this writer thinks it’s past time for a toilet seat to be playfully thrown on stage- thus easing the business-like nature of the credibly fun pop-rockers.

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