Early Glastonbury Festival weather forecasts look promising

The national forecast office predicts that the hotter than average weather will carry on in the south, as this year's Glastonbury Festival is set to be a (mostly) dry one.

The Met Office are positive that “high pressure will continue to bring fine weather to southern and western parts” as sunny spells look set to break out over Worthy Farm next week. Southern parts of the UK should experience a warm spell of weather, a good amount of sunshine and, most importantly of all, a dry start to the festival as the rain is forecast to stay away for those arriving on Wednesday – which means a dry day to pitch tents!

Laura Young of the Met Office, speaking to the Western Daily Press, said “looking ahead at this stage we can say that it is looking more settled than initially thought” as Wednesday is set to be the nicest day with highs of 20°C, while Thursday sees mainly cloud cover. Friday to Sunday are likely to be cloudy with sunny spells, as Glastonbury’s southern stature saves it from persistent rainfall. “Although there may be showers across the country it looks like the South West will be the driest,Young adds. “We’re relatively confident it is looking positive.

We all know the weather can be a capricious foe for forecasters. Glastonbury Festival 2013 saw a marked increase upon the overcast weather forecasts and did, save the Thursday, stay mainly dry as promised. Here’s hoping Glastonbury 2014 will similarly succeed expectations. And, if it does rain a bit, remember that only 8 out of 31 Glastonburys have ever recorded no rainfall, leaving many more to be swamped and facing nightmare conditions. So get over it, it’s a rite of passage!

Arcade Fire, Metallica and Kasabian are set to headline Glastonbury Festival, which takes places at Worthy Farm, Somserset, from June 25-29 2014. All tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2014 have now completely sold out.