Deftones at Leeds Festival 2013 review


One of the world’s best bands play to the smallest festival crowd they would have faced in a more than a decade, but Deftones swagger through the weather induced issues with a class they are renowned for.

It takes just seconds to realise why those who weathered the monsoon conditions to be here (the only open air stage at Braham Park) made the right choice, as ‘Diamond Eyes‘ shames the valiant attempts made by all the bands before them.

There’s few bands around who can pluck tracks from both their debut and their most recent albums and serve them up together with this much explosive aplomb. Deftones make it seem obligatory as ‘Swerve City‘ and ‘Engine No. 9‘ seamlessly pin together a blinding set.

Elite‘ proves to be just the punch in the face Leeds needs to lift itself out of the swamp underfoot while the melodic ‘Change (In the House of Flies)‘ adds a touch of class to proceedings.

Chino really got stuck into the crowd this year.

Before exiting the stage, frontman Chino Moreno questions the validity of the Yorkshire Gold bottled beer he has in hand but it doesn’t stop him sinking it in one go to repeated chants of ‘Chino‘.

In a refreshing change of protocol Deftones close the set with a rare gem performance in the shape of ‘7 Words‘ from their debut album.

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