Deap Vally at Reading Festival 2013 review

Deap Vally at Southside Festival 2013 by Alex Elms
Deap Vally at Southside Festival 2013 by Alex Elms


Harnessing the power of ‘1+1=3‘, the equation Deap Vally present isn’t a particularly taxing one to calculate.

One part southern rock drool, one part punk attitude and one big copyright claim for Karen O. The female duo have the dirtiest bass rhythms to wake even the most hungover Reading Festival patron on this, the first full day of live music.

In hot pants and a tasseled top with ladders in her tights and nothing on her feet, frontwoman Lindsey Troy had the rock chic appeal and oozed this through her axe work. No more so than when she dived head first into the front row of the crowd, swimming into the sea of spectators.

Their single ‘Gonna Make My Own Money‘ had the power and overdrive pedal pushed to max. so any sloppiness in their live performance was forgiven here.

The front of us is like a brassiere, two perfect blossoms.” Drummer Julie Edwards says, referencing the crowd control barriers. “That’s in honour of us by the way.

Graduating to the NME/Radio One stage from the Festival Republic stage last year, Deap Vally deserve their monumental status upgrade.

For ‘Walk of Shame‘ the giant second stage tent, just over half full, was sufficiently warmed to take the gauntlet and try the call and respond game.

This success then left it all set up for a pounding, dirty finale with ‘End of the World‘. Troy‘s guitar tone ringing rich, both visceral and ethereal at once, and seemingly getting warmer with every song.

Deap Vally were the only way to start Reading Festival 2013 – if only every morning alarm alert sounded like this.

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