Crystal Castles – Reading Festival 2012 review

Crystal Castles at Reading Festival 2012 by Peter Corkhill
Crystal Castles at Reading Festival 2012 by Peter Corkhill


Like fire and alcohol, Crystal Castles at Reading was always going to be explosive. Notorious for Alice Glass’s crowd invasions, the assembled paparazzi seem to have chosen the seconds before their main stage set to leave the comfort of the main stage pit, in favour of training their lenses on the crowd, ready for the inevitable Glassing.

Following Angel and Airwaves‘ cosmetic Californian mansion-punk, Crystal Castles couldn’t be more different (or refreshing). Alice, sporting a glorious purple bob and ripped tights, is sipping from a bottle of Jack Daniels before she’s even sung a note, bent over and rocking the mike stand, building herself up with the adrenalin about to be spat out over the mass she’s about to clamber over.

She’s in the mass of bodies hugging the barrier before Ethan Kath has hardly unveiled the second track; crowd surfing on her back, arms out-stretched, as Ethan’s analogue beats, so downright filthy the crowd should probably have brought lube to absorb them, pepper the crowd around her.

‘Alice Practice’ gets the bigger cheer, the strobed discordance like a war dance to mischief . Alice is in the crowd within seconds; surfing, walking aloft raised hands, knocking back Jack and spitting it out into the crowd, before handing the bottle to the crowd, to the beautiful dismay of the security behind her. And while all this swagger and spit unfolds below him, Ethan just nods back and fore behind his electronics and that ever present, gorgeous sneer.


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