Chase & Status at Leeds Festival 2013 review


Over the weekend, even during the previous headliners Biffy Clyro and Green Day, Leeds seemed a little quieter than previous years but that all changes the second dub step superstars Chase & Status take the stage.

Fans charge through the muddy swamps as ‘No Problem‘ kick-starts the rave and by the time it finishes it’s surprising Bramham Park hasn’t tilted with the weight of fans pressed against the Main Stage.

Plan B makes his on screen appearance for the stunning ‘Pieces‘ while MC Rage has the masses pulling their heels out of the mud to bounce along to festival favourite ‘Let You Go‘.

Recent chart hit ‘Lost and Not Found‘ is proof that well groomed London combo Saul Milton (Chase) and Will Kennard (Status) are looking at headlining these events after the release of their next album instead of playing second fiddle to bands who don’t command the crowd they play to today.

The blistering ‘Fool Yourself‘ closes a set which, considering C&S play every other UK festival, every other year, shouldn’t be as captivating as it is.

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