Blink-182 at Reading Festival 2014 review


The air is so cold and low,” croons Tom DeLonge for opener ‘Feeling This’ – and he’s unfortunately right tonight, as one thing everyone in the crowd can definitely feel are their chilly chin chins. Luckily, for those prepared to dance at this nostalgia trip of the lifetime, the icy conditions don’t hamper proceedings when ‘What’s My Age Again’ and ‘Rock Show’ follow in quick, concerted succession.

While there’s a worry that such premature ejaculation – to borrow from some of the band’s own sense of toilet humour – will mar the rest of the set, it does to remember just how many hits the trio have under their now sagging belts.

 “Let’s play you an old one,” shouts Tom, before ‘Dumpweed’ is accompanied with bouts of fire. “I’m doing stuff with this guitar that I’ve never done before,” the grinning guitarist continues. “Are you guys pregnant? Have I entered your vulva?”

Well it wouldn’t be Blink if they didn’t have their cringeworthy chat, or their polished back and forth between the two lead vocalists.

So are you guys camping, not having showers –“

Dude, Macklemore already covered that.”

Oh what was the answer?”

They said yes they were camping and no, they don’t like showers.”

You dirty, dirty fuckers… whose got a bladder infection?!”


We’re going to play a sad song that seems appropriate considering the UTI.”

That slow song is of course the poignant ‘Stay Together For The Kids’. They no longer have the same speed, the same energy to fuel them along as pop-punk should arguably be fuelled; but, as quintessential pop-punk pioneers, it’s more a case of just standing back and watching the hits roll themselves out. While the encore could have done with a few more of these – not to mention that enders ‘Violence’ and ‘Family Reunion’ were accompanied by rather tedious drum solos – there had been ‘nary a mouth not opening and closing along to preceding hits ‘All The Small Things’ and ‘Carousel’. A fine showing, if not a furiously frenetic one.