Beach Break Live 2011: sun, sea, students and Spotify!

Chris Eustace looks ahead to the Beach Break Live 2011 with a full preview, Spotify playlist and everything you need to know.

Beach Break Live? Are we off to Majorca then?
Even better – Wales! Pembrey Country Park in South Wales to be precise, for the “the ultimate student experience.”

What, have they filled the place full of traffic cones?
Is it National Stereotype Day round your place or something? Here’s the deal: 20,000 students are coming down to celebrate the end of exams and the beginning of summer at the Park. There’s 500 acres of parkland, a 2000-acre forest, and of course the famous eight-mile long Cefn Sidan beach. Throw in some of the best bands and DJs and all kinds of other mayhem and you have yourself a festival.

Ok, keep talking…what’s this “other mayhem” you speak of?
The park has a 130 metre dry ski slope, the longest toboggan run in Wales, Zorbing assault courses, golf courses, and horse riding And if you don’t just want to lounge on the beach, there’s plenty of ways to make use of it – there’ll be surfing, volleyball, football and rugby to enjoy among other things.

There’s workshops including Parkour, Beach Aerobics and Circus Skills, plus the surreal Beach Break tradition that is the Celtic Games, including Price Wars, Human Curling and the Fat Camp Assault Course.

Ha! Fat Camp Assault Course would make a good band name! Come to think of it, who should I go and see?
How about…

Tinie Tempah
Yep, the man of the moment. Taking off in a big way in America right now having already well and truly conquered the UK, this is a massive booking for Beach Break. If you how energetic his Radio 1’s Big Weekend set was, then find out how jet-jagged he was, you’ll realise how special this set could be.

Magnetic Man
The organisers have done you a big favour keeping Skream, Benga and Artwork ’til last, the bass will be so epic when they play that you’ll most likely go deaf and have your insides turned outwards, which isn’t a great festival look.

Katy B
MM’s big mate has become the first lady of dubstep-pop in what’s been a great year so far, with her album, ‘On A Mission’ reaching number two in the charts. The near-title track, ‘Katy On A Mission’ will have everyone singing along. She will almost certainly join her friends for ‘Perfect Stranger’ to round things off too.

Frankie & The Heartstrings
Some thought they didn’t make them like this anymore, but under the watchful eye of one of the finest exponents of that 80’s kitchen sink drama indie-pop sound, Edwyn Collins, flamboyant frontman Frankie Francis and his band have brought it back. Knowing the value of a few well-placed “oh-oh-oh’s”, the likes of ‘Hunger’ and ‘That Postcard’ will perk things up on Saturday afternoon no end.

The Chapman Family
Like Frankie and his mob, another fine North-East band. The Chapmans represent the harder-hitting side of post-punk, with singer Kingsley following in the grand tradition of the confrontational frontman. Just the kind of catharsis you may need when recalling that torturous history exam – but they’re a fine pop band too, as singles ‘Kids’ and ‘All Fall’ will testify.

But there’s loads of other people playing too! I need more!
Well check out the VF Beach Break Live Spotify Playlist here then!

Okay, I’m definitely up for it. Can I still get tickets?
Yes, but you’d better be quick, as there’s apparently less than 1,000 left. Weekend camping tickets are available now at £99.

Click here to buy Beach Break Live tickets.

Anything else I should know?
Yes – you don’t have to be a student to go, though you do have to be over 18. A non-student weekend ticket will cost you £110. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to revise the line-up. Force of habit.