Alexia Coley – Beautiful Days 2012 review

Scenes at Beautiful Days 2011 by Sara Bowrey
Scenes at Beautiful Days 2011 by Sara Bowrey


Alexia Coley definately wins the award for the best dressed singer at Beautiful Days 2012 – in front of a a sharply dressed sextet she’s a gorgeous female singer who, despite the rest of us being caked in mud, has managed to appear spotless in a slinky red number, and her voice is no less immaculate.

The band belt out a lively set that ranges from soulful ballads to funk filled tunes, which eventually get the tired Saturday afternoon crowd moving. Rolling basslines are offset by the sharp notes of the brass section, while Coley holds it all together with her dulcet tones and equally smooth stage persona.

Coley is quickly establishing herself as a firm festival favourite and is now attracting a loyal fanbase to their shows, one that returns for the unique, upbeat treats that she provides. Nearing the end of her set, and realising that they now have the complete attention of the enthralled audience, the band take some time to showcase their more than capable musicianship. Funky beats from the drummer, velvety bass and tight horns combine and Coley’s final number, a culmination of all their offerings so far, finishes to rapturous applause and the crowd has nothing but praise on their lips as they flood out of the tent.

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