A music lovers guide to Valentine’s Day

King cupid, Daniel Lomas, has ditched the bow and arrow to find us something we can all get passionate about: great Valentine's Day gigs!

Look, 14 February is a date we all hate. You’re either home alone, cursing television producers for plugging up the schedule with rom com bilge or spewing out your own sort of bile by talking in baby voices with your loved one and spending more cash in Clinton’s than Chelsea managed in the past transfer window.

So thank cupid for music. And not the Greatest Love Songs crap they’ve got piled up in Tescos like we’re predicting a shortage, but great live bands and parties thrown by our favourite summer soirees to ‘celebrate’ all things luurve. Here’s where you should be going.

Cupid says…fall in love with this!

Coy Secret Garden Party promoters have announced a Valentine's lover's ball at Battersea Power Station.

Billed as “an immersive theatrical Valentine's night with breath-taking performances, workshops and fine dining,” it promises to be as eccentric and enjoyable as the organiser's main annual festival.

Not only will there be entertainment from the likes of Eddy Temple Morris, Brassroots, The Correspondents and more, but the creative bunch have even installed a ballroom and fine-dining restaurant as well.

Not that it’s a dress up to the nines type of affair, oh no, organisers are encouraging singles and couples to take a memory of a lost love, new love or desired love as they run with the theme of Tainted Love.

Expect fire shows, actors, professors, costumes and cocktails on show as the event runs each evening over Valentine's weekend beginning with the meal and ending with an after party, open until 3am.

As with the festival, Secret Garden Party’s Lost Lover’s Ball looks to be one unique event that’s hard to forget!

Tickets for Lost Lover's Ball are available at £45 general admission with a three-course meal option available for around £70.

Click here to buy Secret Garden Party's Lost Lover's Ball tickets.

Cupid says…get all doe-eyed over this!

Bright EyesThe Scala, London
A special show that marks Valentine's Day as well as and the release of ‘People's Key’, the final album songwriter Conor Oberst plans to release under the Bright Eyes moniker. Depending what mood Oberst is in, it could be a show full of weepy hug-your-partner moments (‘First Day Of My Life’) or packed with the more 'rocking' songs he's promised make up the new record. Could be a risky one for miserable singles and definitely not the place to go on the pull but a safe bet for couples.

Cupid says…perfect for those recently single!

White LiesO2 Academy, Newcastle
The dark and moody Ealing band play a cold winter's night in a northern city on the day of heart shaped things, fluffy bears and roses. This isn't one for the in-love or even the love-mourners, rather those who have given up on the notion of relationships to the point that they don't even know it's Valentine's Day.

Cupid says…the one to make your lady happy!

The SaturdaysWolverhampton Civic Hall
All the single ladies, round up your girlfriends and head out to party with The Saturdays. Let your hair down, have a drink and forget that you haven't found love; it's overrated anyway. All the single fellas, get down to The Saturdays, it's going to be packed with drunk women, desperate for some love in their life.

Cupid says…for the long-term lovers!

FeederRock City, Nottingham
This show should be a lot of fun for everyone; a mixture of upbeat and slower songs, lots of dancing, nostalgia, lots of mate-hugging and plenty of alcohol. You might just get away with trying to get off with someone. It's never going to be easy at a rock show, though – you could try loitering around the bar all night.

Cupid says…for those with a bit of stamina!

Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour 2011Glasgow
There’s a bit of an orgy going on up in Scotland as Good Charlotte, Four Year Strong, Framing Hanley and The Wonder Years prepare to do their thing all night long. Well, licensing probably won’t allow that to happen, no matter how much energy drink they pour down their throats. But one thing is for sure; there will be a lot of sweaty fringes in Glasgow but in the words of Good Charlotte: "Keep your hands off my girl!"