A Classified Preview: Secret Garden Party

Secret Garden Party Lost Lovers Ball by Richard Heald
Secret Garden Party Lost Lovers Ball by Richard Heald

What is it?

Ok so it’s not quite so secret as the name suggests but that doesn’t matter. Secret Garden is possibly Britain’s most unique and surreal events. Creativity, art and imagination are as important a component of the Secret Garden Party as the music itself. Add to this if you will the festivals chief principle, everyone must be able to participate, and you have yourself the most, interactive and imaginative events you could ever hope to be a part of. Hidden discos, erotic sanctuaries, theatrical happenings, colossal art works and main stage music and a healthy supply of medieval mead! SGP may be increasing in popularity with each year but it’s still anything but your average mainstream festival.

When and Where?

SGP takes place at an estate near Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire from 22-25 July. Part of the grounds of a georgian farm house, with its own lake, river and landscape gardens, it’s the perfect location for such a unique festival.

Who should I Look out for?


The production which house music back from brink of commercial mediocrity. Leftfield are pioneers in progressive house. Through the combination of the classic soul of early chicago and new york house with the growing Artifical Intelligent dance music Leftifield having paved the way for progressive electronic music for more than 10 years Leftfield are artisans of their craft. They also have a slight habit of using sound systems so powerful that they cause minor structural damage to venues. alll in all they are not to be missed!

Martha Reeves and The Vandellas

Martha Reeves and The Vandellas helped define the sound of motion during the 60’s with hits such as “Heat Wave” “Nowhere To Run” and “Dancing In The Street” which have still retain their status as some of the most memorable records of the era. This year they are performing at SGP 2011 and as such a large part of the sound of 60’s soul and RnB You’d be mad to miss them.


One of the most influential bands to come out of the 70’s underground music scene and pioneers of the american new wave and punk, Blondie has had over two decades of hits churning out punk anthems such as “One Way Or Another” and “Call Me” they are one of the most anticipated acts for this SGP 2011.

Mystery Jets
Indie outfit the Mystery Jets have been producing their own ever bewitching brand of 80’s infused indie and are ever growing in popularity. This year they are set to play SGP which is the perfect outlet for a band with a sound as unique as the Mystery  Jets and the partnership of the two will be sure to create a brilliant atmosphere.


2010 saw dub-step and drum and bass duo Nero rise to new heights pulling them from the underground and sliding them as firm favourites at the forefront of Britiain’s electronic music. With their massive hits “Guilt” and “Me and YouNero are guaranteed to create an intense atmosphere that will be sure to have the crowds in bass induced frenzy.

Want to hear more of who will be playing? Why not check out or Secret Garden Party Spotify Playlist for 2011 by clicking here.