Wireless 2009 Headliners

Back for a fifth year the Wireless Festival will descend onto Hyde Park bringing a stellar line-up that features some international superstars around as well as a select choice of new bands and undiscovered talent.

The festival has downsized to two shows, from four, with acts performing across a main stage and two tents. Last year the event included sets from Jay-Z, Fatboy Slim, Morrissey and Counting Crows.

Wireless is a non-camping event so revellers can get a decent night’s kip when the music finishes around 10.30pm. A ‘festival feel’ is created with the inclusion of market stalls, chill-out areas, acoustic performance space, street theatre and the mandatory warm beer in cardboard cups.

AGreenerFestival say this about the festival: The excellent public transport solutions in London are already there to minimise audience travel carbon footprints. The waste cooking oil from site is refined off site to be used as sustainable biodiesel. As audience travel forms a large proportion of greenhouse gas emissions from out of town festivals, city based festivals which utilise public transport have a distinct advantage in being sustainable – and Live Nation’s 02 and Hard Rock Calling are in the heart of London.

Wireless 2009 Map