Underage Festival 2011 Headliners

Underage Festival is the World’s first strictly 13 to under 17?s credible music festival. The Festival will host 10’000 teenagers attending this event with a load of rock n’ roll bands with no parents or guardians allowed.

In the five years since its creation, the festival has taken place at the beginning of August each year. There are six main stages, the Converse Century Main Stage, the NME Stage, the Topman New Music Stage, the Domino Stage (aptly named the “Domino 15th Anniversary Stage” for the label’s 15th anniversary of creation in 2008), The Community Music Stage, and the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Stage. As well as this, some of the smaller features included the Habbo Dj Tent, the CM Tower Hamlets Music Space Stage, and the Artrocker Signing Tent.

Underage Festival 2011 Map