Truck has gone from strength to strength, since it’s humble beginnings it has grown. The Hill Farm site now has a capacity of 3000 and a reputation at being the UK’s only festival that specialises in showcasing a vast array of music, often missed by other events and making over £20,000 for various charities from Art Therapy to Mali Redevelopment. Last year over £3000 was made on banana milkshake alone, illustrating just how important everyone involved with Truck’s efforts are.

Unlike all other festivals the food is cheap (and served up with a friendly smile from the local Rotary Club), the beer (cheap, also) is poured by the two high rolling loons and assorted mates (dressed of course as ladies). And naturally (this is the country) the real ale from the codgers bar is the finest around, or if it’s ice cream you’re after, why not talk to the local vicar, who’s flogging ices, in aid of his church light fund.

Most of Truck’s 3000 visitors are young music lovers, with a passion for both diverse, local, mainstream as well as anti mainstream music. They build up part of underground British music network, but also are the passionate drive behind new ideas; many are from Oxford’s student population. Truck is also a family event that has a large number of older more affluent members of the music-loving public.