When we explored the Truck Festival website we were enlightened to find the following answer to the perennial question of “Well whose going to be playing then?”

TF: We really don’t have any idea, but we’ve asked a few people and they’ve said maybe. Here are a few that spring to mind at the moment, in no particular order:

Mark Gardener & Goldrush, Black Nielson, The Young Knives, Meanwhile, Back In Communist Russia, KTB & The Will Bartlett Orchestra, Fujiama & Miagi, Luke Smith, Dive Dive, Elizabeth (The Edmund Fitzgerrald), Misty’s Big Adventure, Zoppo, Smilex, Vic 20, Fionn Regan, Juno Pixie, Trademark, Debasser, The Wide Crew, Fruit & Veg, Nervous Test Pilot, Lesbo Pig, Antonia, Rachel Dadd, Moonkat, Byrne, Brillig Slithey Toves, the mighty Broken Family Band, Chris T-T, Magoo, Simon Barron & Ros Brady, Caught On Tape, M A S S, The Edible 5ft Smiths, Spartacus, Cayto & Mr. Duck. With a goodly shed-load still to be confirmed, arranged and trussed up.

The evening duties in the barn this year will be handled by The Vinyl Frontier, the hip-hop division of Depth Charge. Phat.

So there you go.