T4’s one day beach fest returns for its fifth year, throwing the biggest names in pop together with the commercial end of credble indie rock. The result is a marriage that is either hideous or refreshing, depending on your outlook on life and tolerance to miming and backing tracks.

This year sees the introduction of a second stage – The 4Music Stage – which will play host to exclusive short sets from young bands tipped for future success, presumably cherry-picked from the Unsigned Bands section of the 4Music website.

The event will, as usual, be broadcast live on Channel 4 direct from the T4 double decker bus, where fans will have the opportunity to “hang out” with (or at least gawp at from a secure distance) presenters, including the terrifying June Sarpong, pretty Steve Jones and brilliant Miquita Oliver.

Gates open 10am.
Warm-Up Acts run midday – 13:30pm.
Main Acts run from 13:30 – 18:30pm.