The first ever Sunrise Summer Solstice Celebration aims to fill the gap left by the Glastonbury Festival. There are 13 areas, many of which contain aspects similar to Glasto’s Green Fields. Its organisers have been involved in the Pilton fest for several years, as well as many others including The Glade, Big Green and Buddhafield.

The ecologically minded event includes a main stage/arena and five other stages including acoustic/open mic venues. The site is geometrically arranged with a Stone circle in its centre and has a generous camping site.

Contributors include ID Spiral, Hearthworks (who run the Tipi Field at Glasto), Buddhafield, Tribal Earth, Small World, EartHeart, The Healing Field and more.

The event is intended to become a global gathering with contributors and performers from as far afield as Canada and the USA, Australia, Israel and Africa.