Featuring 13 Areas laid out in the form of a giant mandala, The Sunrise Celebration is an organic alliance of the very best of alternative culture.

Sunrise is everything a beautiful non-commercial festival should be and carries that special magic of people gathering creatively in celebration, reminiscent of Glasto’s early years.

14 music and performance stages run by groups such as the flamboyant Fish Seeks Bicycle feature hundreds of live music acts and enchanting ethereal electronica. There are DJ’s and Circus Shows, Permaculture, Earth Mysteries and many talks workshops and green crafts. The festival is child friendly with a kids’ village and quiet family camping available. Sunrise won the 2006 Shelter Award for social responsibility at the UK Festival awards and could be said to be the UK’s leading Sustainable festival with impressive environmental credentials and is run on 100% renewable energy, showing having fun doesn’t have to cost the Earth!