Psst.. Can you keep a secret? The Secret Garden Party is back for four days hidden amongst a stunning Cambridge estate. Here eccentricity and tomfoolery are welcomed alongside some of the world’s most eclectic and enchanting acts.

Described as a festival with a party atmosphere, or alternatively a party with a festival attitude,
it’s basically a garden party gone nuts! For 2007 the festival has added an extra day and been granted
a 6am licence so revellers get a real chance to lose themselves somewhere between the festival’s
‘Looniverse’ and its own ‘Festival Of Fools’or alternatively they can dance or chill to the mash-up of guitar and electronic acts.

The wacky three-day experience has been moved to the end of July and will host more of it’s off-the-wall pursuits, such as The Kissing Workshop or the Action Figure camp. To add to the abundance of lunacy the organisers have derived a ‘Brave New World’ for the festival which offers some limited reduced ticket prices to those who fancy spending the weekend as a character like a milkmaid, or a bear.

Jump on the bandwagon to the Secret Garden Party asylum to dress up, dance on the floating dance floors and take part in the alternative Olympics. But don’t totally wear yourself out in the Up All Night Tent though, as the ’emotion police’ will be patrolling to make sure you’re still showing enough of the love!

Secret Garden Party 2007 Map