Lovebox Weekender 2011 Headliners

Eight years old, Lovebox has become a must do event on the bristling summer social calendar.

Held annually on London’s oldest public park bordering Bethnal Green, Hackney, and Bow, the capital’s most creative and socially dynamic quarters, Lovebox as a festival, an urban event or “happening” is without comparison.

Music has always been at the heart of Lovebox; with all the rock & roll chaos and glamour of supercharged sets, epic performances with dramatic backdrops, and chuggy jams under the trees from bands and DJs spanning the genres.

Now, with such a big space to play means we expect 65,000 people in July. The best bit about this is that we can now not only programme three times more music, but we can programme across more styles and genres in what gets booked while digging deeper to find some amazing rising talent. The result is that anyone coming to Lovebox can traverse their way across an incredible musical landscape hand picked by a bunch of real fanatics turning each other on to new and old bands, DJs and musical styles, be it folk, hip hop, indie, disco-punk, rock, world or electronic music. It’s very much a case of the whole being “greater than the sum of the parts.

Lovebox Weekender 2011 Map