This 25,000 capacity festival welcomes over 40 Croatian and international artists across its four stages every June.

Held on the shores of Lake Jarun, in the middle of the Croatian capital Zagreb, the festival traditionally has an eclectic musical mix with Moby, Kraftwerk and Franz Ferdinand performing in the past.

Campers will have access to hot running water, wireless internet, convenience shops, recharging their mobile phones/ laptops and storing their personal belongings. Along with these basic facilities, campers will enjoy swimming, sports, music, visits to the city and other interesting locations in and around Croatia.   

The campers and festival visitors can also listen to a music program on a separate stage and enjoy a plethora of beach volleyball and handball, soccer, skate park, rollerblading, cycling, surfing, rowing, horse ridding, table tennis, hanging bowling hall, mini golf, badminton and much more.

The two day camping festival is easily accessible from Croatia and Europe via Zagreb Main Station and Zagreb International Airport.