The wooded Gurten hill which dominates the town of Berne is often hailed as the most enchanting festival site in Switzerland and plays host once a year to the ever popular Gurtenfestival.

The Gurten railway connects town and mountain whilst the short trek to the top is guaranteed to kick start metabolisms. Once there, a captivating mix of contemporary music spread across 2 open-air stages, a marquee stage and DJ tent will put any fatigue to the back of one’s mind.

Launched as a folk festival back in 1977 the festival has since welcomed Bob Dylan, Oasis, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Nick Cave among others. More international stars can be expected for 2009.

Finally with an array of festival stalls, the Gurten sleeping-zone which opens its doors to 6000 campers and a plethora of hostels and hotels in Berne itself, the festival looks set to blow minds once more in 2009.

Switzerland’s capital is well served by the SBB national railway network with international links. Berne Airport also provides a travel to many European cities and is connected to the city by the airport bus.