A much loved festival traditionally held on the hottest weekend of the summer, Big Chill usually ends up in a feel-good sweat. Set in probably the most stunning festival grounds of them all, deep in the rolling hills of Herefordshire, the three-day gathering huddles around two small stages, horizontally lapping up light and funky tunes by day and giving way to increasingly experimental goings-on after the sun goes.

Performers and audience blur into one, as bizarre performance artists and interactive art projects prove far more than just side attractions to the stages and various other tents dotted around.

Big Chill is as luxurious as it is welcoming, with hot showers, proper food, and stage comperes that tell you to drink more water than your mum does!

In addition, The Strongbow Rooms will be in attendence, bringing a unique party spirit to proceedings with an eclectic clutch of attention demanding DJs and live acts!

Big Chill 2005 Map