All Tomorrow’s Parties second festival foray of the year sees fans turning artist bookers as, for the first time ever, festival goers are invited to help choose the lineup!

By ordering tickets, fans can submit a top 10 wishlist which organisers have promised to pursue (within reason of course – don’t go sticking down The Stone Roses!) Ultimately, the lineup will be half selected as normal and half picked by ATP’s loyal army of discerning fans.

The festival itself is a truly underground indie affair, set in Butlins holiday home in Minehead, Somerset, with the live music unfolding over two indoor stages across the three days.

Being in Butlins means there are tonnes of comfy facilities and sideline activities, such as swimming, go-karting and pool, while accommodation comes in the form of shared chalet. Bookings need to be made in groups prepared to stay under one roof together for the weekend, so get organising your friends now.